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Serious Forest Bathing

#forestbathing is a great new term! I've been forest bathing for years but never named it. Our recent trip to California gave us a perfect opportunity to bathe in the #Redwoods. What a feeling in these forests. So much energy and life there. It's truly amazing. Have you taken some time to just enjoy the forest lately? It can do you wonders! Reconnect you with the earth. Become one with nature. You don't have to go to a redwood forest to do it. I hug the tree in my backyard every day - so much positive energy to share. If you are ambarassed to hug a tree, just rest your hand on it. Similar, but not quite the same. I say, throw caution to the wind and go all out. Hug every tree you find today and let there be many!!

My husband hugging a tree!

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