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About Me

When I was a child, my favorite color was “sky blue pink” which I made by mixing just the right amount of blue and pink and sometimes a touch of yellow.  Of course, crayons don’t really mix very well and that was my only available medium back then.  Now I enjoy mixing and playing with my colors in several mediums. 


I started out with a realistic or representational style (and still enjoy this) but found myself drawn more and more to the abstract.  I enjoy painting both in pastel, acrylic, and mixed media.


Pastel has been my favorite for years.  I love the immediacy of holding the color right in my hand and using my fingers to move the colors around the support.  Similarly, I enjoy the way acrylics dry so quickly that I can paint with clean crisp color without having to wait for the materials to catch up with my mind and how it is so easy to build layer on layer to get a deep layered look.  I also love tearing up paper and collaging with it and any found materials that find their way into my life.  

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