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Pastelboard surface

For my plein air outing today with the PAAC Boulder group, I decided to try a new (to me) surface. It is Pastelboard by Ampersand. I have quite a few of them, but have never used one, so thought it was about time. We met at the East Boulder Rec center and I painted along Boulder Creek. It was a beautiful day. I enjoyed the outing, but not so much the board. It's a good pastel surface, but I am very used to using UART 400 or 500. The tooth on this board is much different. It does not fill up too quickly. I was able to lay down many layers, but it is simply different than my usual surface. I did find that it created some lines where I didn't want them that took some extra work to eliminate. These fine lines seemed to be in the surface itself. Otherwise, no real complaints, just not as delightful to work on as the old Wallis Paper (which I still have a small stash of and am hoarding) or the UART paper. It is great to try out new surfaces though and I will indeed give this one another try as well - perhaps for something in the studio instead of plain air.

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